Operation Croissant Is France's Last-Ditch Attempt To Encourage Brits To Vote Remain In The EU Referendum

'There are not enough croissants in France to express how much we love you!'

If you pay any attention to stereotypes, you will have been led to believe there’s no love lost between the French and the British.

But as Britons prepare to go to the polls to decide the future of Britain’s EU membership, the French have launched a last-ditch attempt to persuade the UK to vote remain.

Operation Croissant has seen hundreds of postcards handed out at King’s Cross St Pancras station with messages from French people explaining why they feel so close to Britain.

Those behind the stunt explained: “We would like to extend a hand of friendship and solidarity across the Channel."

They added: “The point is to show how close we are. It's not a grand political gesture; it's not designed to spark debate or controversy. Quite the opposite. It's simply an act of breaking bread.”

Operation Croissant had initially intended to hand out freshly-baked croissants with their postcards, but Metro explained that because of election laws, this was not allowed in case it corrupted anyone’s voting intentions.

Instead the pastry treats were given to homeless shelters.

Here are some of the messages commuters received as part of the campaign...