25/02/2019 04:28 GMT | Updated 25/02/2019 05:14 GMT

Oscars 2019: The Hostless Academy Awards Actually Ran Smoothly

After all that speculation, it was totally fine. Phew.

After seemingly endless speculation about how the Oscars would fare without a host, Sunday’s ceremony ended up being... totally fine. 

The last time the evening proceeded without an A-lister in charge, things got pretty chaotic, but it seems Hollywood has come a long way since 1989. 

This time around, there was no Rob Lowe dancing with Snow White for a start, and the opening monologue came courtesy of the dream team that is Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Tina Fey.

Craig Sjodin via Getty Images
We knew it was all going to be ok when these three stepped on stage 

“We are not your hosts, but we are gonna stand here a little too long so that the people who get USA Today tomorrow will think we hosted,” joked Tina. 

Each award was then presented by a celebrity pair as usual, with links between and commercial break announcements coming from a voiceover. 

There wasn’t a La La Land moment in sight and viewers were very much here for it...  

The show was closed by Julia Roberts, who presented the final award of the night, Best Film. 

Will they stick with the no host plan for 2020? We kind of hope so.