Pam & Tommy Features A Talking Penis And A Traumatised Twitter Will Never Be The Same Again

"Definitely didn’t think I’d be seeing a full-frontal talking penis when I subscribed to Disney+ but here we are."

When Disney+ teased the much-hyped Pam & Tommy ahead of its release this week, all anyone could talk about was Lily James’ incredible transformation into Pamela Anderson.

And while we still can’t quite get over just how much the former Downton Abbey star looks like the Baywatch icon, now the first few episodes have arrived, there’s something else that is causing a major stir on social media.

The series follows Pamela’s tumultuous relationship with Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee, and the highly publicised leak of their private sex tape.

But no one was prepared for the scene in episode two where Tommy - played by Sebastian Stan - has a prolonged conversation with… his penis. A talking penis. That answers back.

Sebastian Stan in Pam & Tommy
Sebastian Stan in Pam & Tommy

We’re not sure Twitter will ever recover from this...

The chatty appendage, which was voiced by Jason Mantzoukas (what a gig!), is heavily inspired by a passage in Tommy Lee’s autobiography Tommyland, in which the rocker and his genitalia have something of a “heart-to-heart” whilst he’s high on ecstasy.

The memorable scene was filmed using a puppet-like animatronic penis that was made from an actual cast of Sebastian Stan’s penis.

“It was made from silicone and involved lifecasting Sebastian so that we could then sculpt the appropriate size and blend points,” special effects makeup artist Jason Collins told GQ UK.

“Once we were done sculpting, another mold was made and we cast it from a plasticised silicone. The silicone is medical grade and gives the appendage a life-like fleshy quality.”

Lily James stars as Pamela Anderson alongside Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee
Lily James stars as Pamela Anderson alongside Sebastian Stan as Tommy Lee

Showrunner D.V. DeVincentis added to Entertainment Weekly: “There were wires running between [Sebastian’s] legs from behind, and a guy crouched on the floor with joysticks, mechanically controlling what’s going on,”

Fellow showrunner Rob Siegel added: “If we were showing full-frontal male nudity, that would be a different issue.

“But it’s almost so silly that it makes it maybe less [of an issue]. I can’t think of a more fun and cuddly way to get away with extended full-frontal male nudity.

“It’s a puppet, it’s like Yoda.”


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