pam and tommy

The former Baywatch star said the show – which was made without her input or approval – felt like "salt on a wound".
The British actor portrayed the Baywatch star in the 2021 drama about the theft of Pamela's private sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee.
The first trailer for the former Baywatch star's new Netflix documentary has now been released.
The British star was recently nominated for an Emmy for her performance in Pam & Tommy.
"Not a victim, but a survivor, and alive to tell the real story," the former Baywatch star teased.
"Definitely didn’t think I’d be seeing a full-frontal talking penis when I subscribed to Disney+ but here we are."
Pamela Anderson is yet to speak publicly about the new series, which debuts next week.
"Hopefully it works," director Craig Gillespie said of the "awkward" scene.
The new drama centres around the leak of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's private sex tape.