Pamela Anderson Slams 'A**holes' Behind Pam & Tommy Drama: 'You Owe Me An Apology'

The former Baywatch star said the show – which was made without her input or approval – felt like "salt on a wound".
Pamela Anderson pictured in New York last yea
Pamela Anderson pictured in New York last yea
MEGA via Getty Images

Pamela Anderson has once again spoken out against the team behind the 2022 drama Pam & Tommy, which centred around her marriage to Tommy Lee and the theft of their private sex tape in the 1990s.

When the miniseries was released last year, the former Baywatch star never spoke about it publicly, although reports suggested she found it “painful” and “shocking”, and production went ahead without her input or approval.

It was later announced she would “set the record straight” in her own documentary – Pamela, A Love Story – which will begin streaming on Netflix next week.

Speaking to Variety in an interview to promote the documentary, Pamela pulled no punches when asked about the creative team behind Pam & Tommy.

“Assholes,” she responded, stating the release of the drama felt like “salt on a wound”.

Pamela added: “You still owe me a public apology.”

Lily James in character as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy
Lily James in character as Pamela Anderson in Pam & Tommy
Disney/Erica Parise/Hulu via PA Media

And while she said that seeing Lily James and Sebastian Stan in character put her in mind of “a Halloween costume”, she made it clear she has no ill will towards the British actor who portrayed her.

“I think that she’s a beautiful girl and she was just doing the job,” she insisted. “But the idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me.”

She also told Variety that she had wanted Lily to attend the premiere of her Netflix documentary.

Lily James previously claimed that she had not heard back from Pamela when she first wrote to her about the series.

“I have to respect that boundary,” the Mamma Mia! star claimed. “All we wanted to do was shine a light on this story and reveal it.

“It’s the ugly truth really of how awful what happened to them was, and every second of it, we were on Pamela’s side.”

Lily James at the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this month
Lily James at the Critics' Choice Awards earlier this month
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

Earlier this month, Pamela revealed she decided not to read an email she had received from Lily over the series.

She told the New York Times that she scanned a copy of the letter and left it unread in her inbox, deciding not to reply.

Pam & Tommy director Craig Gillespie has also defended his decision to go ahead with the drama without Pamela’s blessing, stating: “The thing that gave me comfort was I felt like we really had an opportunity to change the narrative of this story, and to show it from a perspective that people can hopefully learn and grow from.

“And I felt that we portrayed them in a very empathetic way. I thought the writers did a really nice job with that. So I felt that there was that opportunity, which was the hope.”


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