17/02/2017 12:03 GMT

Dog Waits Patiently While Toddler Takes A Break To Splash Around In Puddle And We're In Love

'Just wait right there, ok?' ❤️

A patient dog proved he really is a man’s best friend when he stood waiting mid-walk for a toddler to splash around in a puddle.

The toddler was caught on camera walking through a woods holding onto the dog’s lead, before being distracted by a mini puddle in the path.

He immediately swayed towards it, pulling his dog to the side and putting the lead down to go and play.

The toddler gave his dog “the look” as if to say: “Stay there.”


Then had a whale of the time running through the puddle.


Next he ran back the other way.


And then he did a long run-up. 


After all that fun was over, the toddler picked up the lead and carried on with the dog walk.


That right there is a solid friendship. 

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