26/07/2017 15:54 BST

Daily Mail's Verdict On Theresa May's Holiday Dress Provokes Anger

Here we go again. 🙄

The Daily Mail has once again prompted criticism of its treatment of female politicians with its latest take on Prime Minister Theresa May’s clothes.

The paper’s front page featured a full length shot of the PM in a pink dress, which she wore while on holiday visiting Lake Garda in Northern Italy, alongside the headline “Oh dear, Theresa!”

Inside, the Mail’s fashion editor, Fiona McIntosh, gave her verdict on the outfit, and it is far from complimentary.

While she admitted the dress itself was “fashionable”, McIntosh advised May to save it “till you get a tan”, criticising her “pasty and noticeably shiny” skin.

She also decried the “girliness” of the dress, saying “it is something you would expect to see in a primary school, not on a world leader”.

Journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer led the tirade against the paper which has been branded as “sexist” and accused of “body shaming”.

Many people have been defending May’s decision to do as she pleases while on holiday, even those who admit to not being her biggest fans.

This, of course, isn’t the first time the paper has been accused of sexism while featuring political leaders on its front page.

Back in March, a picture of May and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon taken ahead of Brexit talks was accompanied by the headline “Never mind Brexit, who won Legs-it!” It was widely condemned by the public and politicians alike.