Mum Learns The Hard Way The NSFW Issue Of Drawing 'Peppa Pig' With Kids


A mum who was innocently teaching her daughter how to draw ‘Peppa Pig’ soon realised she’d made a big mistake.

Using a pig-themed magnetic drawing board, mum Leigh-Anne Walker had drawn the very accurate outline of the pig’s face - minus the ears.

But it didn’t take long for her to realise the outline starkly started to resemble something entirely different.

“This is the last time I try to teach my daughter how to draw Peppa,” Walker wrote on Facebook, when sharing it on the Unmumsy Mum’s page on Sunday 9 April.

So just let this serve as a warning to parents, because we guarantee there’ll be many other kids wanting to draw the pig, too.

Maybe don’t start with the outline first.

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