Piers Morgan Enraged By Pro-Gun Campaigner Dan Roberts On GMB Following Las Vegas Attack

'It’s not funny. 600 people got shot.'

Piers Morgan furiously berated a pro-gun campaigner live on Good Morning Britain after he laughed and said that “hopefully” nothing would be done on gun control following the Las Vegas attack.

The sparks began to fly when Dan Roberts tried to argue that the guns used in the Las Vegas attack, which left at least 59 dead, were not high-powered firearms, to which Morgan responded: “The man just shot 600 people, of course they’re high-powered. We heard the bullets go off ourselves Dan, we heard them firing. You’re talking complete and utter nonsense.”

The broadcaster then went on to make the point about children’s chocolate Kinder Surprise eggs being banned in the US, while firearms remain legal. As the two men spoke over each other, Roberts began to laugh.

Enraged, Morgan chided him: “Don’t laugh Dan, it’s not funny. 600 people got shot.”

He went on: “You come on this programme, and you have come to my programme in America, and you look us in the eye and you say, ‘the only answer is to do nothing, there is nothing wrong with guns, it is the people’.

Mourners at a vigil in Las Vegas after 59 people were killed a gun attack
Mourners at a vigil in Las Vegas after 59 people were killed a gun attack
Drew Angerer via Getty Images

“Here he we had a law-abiding gun owner, an archetypal NRA guy, he’s just a normal, regular guy, with no criminal record, but because of your insane gun laws, he can load himself with 42 weapons and unload 600 bullets and hit Americans and people travelling around the world, leaving 59 dead and many critically wounded.

“How can this make sense? What do you do about it?

Roberts replied: “We will not do much, hopefully.”

Morgan furiously responded: “Hopefully? How can you do nothing?”

But when Roberts said he did not “believe in restricting the rights of the people”, he raged: “What about the rights of the people who got shot? Other children, pensioners, parents? All the people that got wounded?”

His comments earned praise on social media, even from some who wouldn’t normally agree with him...

This is not the first time Morgan has clashed with Roberts live on air.

He also lost his cool with the pro-gun campaigner back in 2016, again using a Kinder Egg to make his point.

Morgan, who has repeatedly criticised US gun laws, also tweeted in the wake of the attack...

This latest spat comes after it was revealed that Las Vegas killer Stephen Paddock had an arsenal of 42 weapons and explosives, as detectives work to establish the motives behind the worst mass shooting in US history.

A detailed picture of the 64-year-old is starting to emerge as police try to determine why the gunman targeted concertgoers at Route 91 Harvest country music festival from his hotel window.


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