Parents Of Instagram Drown Out The 'Mum Shamers' Criticising Pink For Cooking With Her Kids

We ️ Jameson's transfixed expression.

Pink inadvertently prompted a flurry of comments about her parenting skills when she shared a photo of herself cooking with her kids.

The singer posted the shot showing her preparing dinner while wearing her seven-month-old son Jameson in a baby carrier as her six-year-old daughter Willow kneels on the worktop beside her, on Monday 17 July.

Some commenters were quick to criticise Pink for having her children so close to a hot stove.

“Dangerous stuff for your kids. Stop doing this,” wrote one. “You are a great singer, don’t need to expose your baby to boiling oil. Are you insane these days?”

But it didn’t take long for Pink’s fans and the parents of Instagram to epicallly shut down the critics by posting thousands of comments in support of the mum-of-two.

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Comments came flooding in from parents who have also got their kids involved in the kitchen.

“You are amazing,” wrote one commenter. “I’ve done that several times and my kids are fine. Momma does what momma’s gotta do.”

Another added: “I’m here to tell you I have six children, all who help me cook, none that have had an accident and many of which have been in a baby carrier when I have to get the job done.

“They’re alive to tell you some of our best times are cooking together. Love this, love you - you’re a damn fine parent.”

“This picture is mum life,” chimed in another commenter. “I’ve cooked baby wearing my son with my 3.5-year-old watching. You gotta eat and sometimes (haha all the time) the kids want to be with their mum. Fuck the haters.”

Before long the positive comments had completely drowned out the few negative ones, demonstrating the power of parents to use social media to support each others’ choices and put an end to “mum shaming”.