Jeremy Corbyn Snubbing David Cameron At Queen's Speech Follows Several Awkward Moments Shared Between Leaders

Today certainly wasn't the first time.

Jeremy Corbyn and David Cameron today had to endure an excruciatingly awkward two-minutes making pleasantries together as they walked from the House of Commons to hear the Queen's speech.

While the Prime Minister seemed to be trying to initiate conversation, dialogue with the Labour leader was stifled at best.

Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
The Labour leader at least looked like he'd heeded the advice of his opponent and done his tie up to avoid another confrontation.
Stefan Wermuth / Reuters
Followed by Philip Hammond and Tom Watson, the two leaders were under the watchful gaze of both the media and masses of MPs.

Corbyn appears here to be luring Cameron into a false sense of security that the brief walk they had to share together might not be all that awkward after all. How wrong he was.
Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire
While the PM tried several times to engage Corbyn in a discussion, the Labour leader seemingly only nodded his head and gave curt responses.

You can't help but get the feeling Tim Farron looks a little jealous of Corbyn here, though.

But the pair have been forced to endure plenty of other awkward encounters together over the past nine months.

Here are some key moments chronicling the pair's relationship as leader of their respective parties, showing how summoning up small talk hasn't gone well after trading bitter blows at one another from across the despatch box:

Jonathan Brady/PA Archive
Corbyn is pictured here greeting the PM at a Battle of Britain remembrance service, an event he likely remembers because it was when he chose not to sing the National Anthem.

Luckily for both politicians, they weren't forced to sit next to each other. Perhaps tactfully, Cameron arrived later, perching himself on the end of the row Corbyn was sat on.
Carl Court via Getty Images
Given the gravity of Remembrance Day, both leaders probably thought they could get away with staying silent while stood waiting next to each other.

But the head-turns tell you all you need to know about this relationship.
Toby Melville / Reuters
And as if the situation couldn't have been any graver for Corbyn and Cameron, their party leader predecessors stood behind them for part of the ceremony.

It's like two naughty children were being kept under the watchful eye of their parents.
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
Unluckily for the pair, one encounter they did have to endure together was the address from Chinese President Xi Jinping.

The Premiere was giving a speech to MPs in Westminster, leaving Corbyn desperately thumbing the pages of a booklet while Cameron tried to catch eyes with sympathetic MPs sat nearby with whom he could strike up a conversation.
Barely visible here, but Cameron was once caught accosting Commons Speaker John Bercow.

He was complaining that Corbyn had been given "longer and longer" time to probe him at Prime Minister's Questions.

Cameron had failed to realise the microphones in the chamber would pick up his comments, and so likely earned a slightly frostier relationship with Corbyn than he had intended.

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