6 Reasons You Should Get The Dog You've Always Wanted

Pooch for the win🐩

If you’re anything like us, then you have been pining after your own puppy for years now.

Spending weekends scrolling through Battersea’s back catalogues and imagining afternoons with them in the park, the only thing stopping you is the overwhelming feeling that you’re not quite at this stage of commitment yet.

But just in case you need some extra convincing, we’ve pulled together the six best reasons why you should go ahead and get that pupper.

1. They will make you look ten years younger.

Cancel that botox appointment people, turns out having Fido in the house is enough to make you look as much as ten years younger, which is like music to our rapidly-ageing ears.

A 2014 St Andrew’s University study found that owning a pet dog can turn back the hands of time by as much as a whole decade. Where do we sign up?

2. They will help you lose weight.

If your dream doggo is more of the pug or dachshund variety then look away now, this one is for those who have dared to commit to a bigger breed.

A study found that people who own larger furry companions, are motivated to get out and walk them more, and therefore benefit from losing more weight. So ditch the salad and get those paws moving.

3. They aren’t as expensive as you think.

Granted, those vet’s bills are not cheap, but turns out that owning your first pet isn’t actually as pricey as you might have assumed. Although Brits spend a lifetime average of £69,000 owning and caring for pets (a figure which sends chills through our bank account), a study showed there are ways you can avoid this and make it cheaper than anticipated.

4. They are smart AF.

It’s always good to have some intelligent chat around the house, and just in case your partner isn’t providing in that area, you can rely on your newly acquired dog to fill the void. As it turns out that dogs are actually so smart they can deceive humans into getting what they want. The Swiss study found that canines are so cunning they can manipulate humans into giving them more food.

5. They can tell you if your new boyfriend is a keeper.

Who’s a good boy? Turns out that asking your dog that question wasn’t such a waste of time after all as a study found that dogs can actually tell which humans are trustworthy, and which are just pretending to be.

If only we could teach them how to swipe on Tinder.

6. They make children healthier.

And because dogs are truly the best possible animals in the world, they aren’t just helping adults lose weight and age more gracefully, they’re also beneficial to children. A study found that having them at home improves children’s health, boosts their schoolwork and reduces anxiety. What more could you ask for?

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