14/08/2017 11:58 BST

Reformation Needs To Know We're Over The Odd Jeans Trend

We like the zip where we can see it. Thanks.

After the weirdness that was Topshop’s see-through jeans/shorts/sitch, we thought we’d left the trend of unusual and impractical jeans behind us. 

We thought wrong. 

Because there’s a new pair of jeans bothering us and they’re more ridiculous than the last. 


What’s worse is they’re from one of our favourite brands: Reformation

Ethical, smart and beautifully made, this brand strikes the right balance between style and substance. Usually. 

So we have some questions, the first being “WHY?” 


I mean, unless you’re dwelling in a ’90s Rn’B music video, who is going to be wearing these??

We like our zip to end where we can see it, thanks all the same.

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Reformation said it themselves: 

A taste you’d only acquire by watching MTV regularly in the late ’90s. #ZipperJean

At least they have a sense of humour about it, acknowledging it’s an acquired taste. 

But all we have are questions. Like whatever happened to taste? 

And when are they having a sale* because we’d kinda like to try them on for size?

*Because we are NOT spending £114.06 on these.