New Mum Encourages Other Women To Be Patient With Their Post-Pregnancy Body

'The female body is seriously amazeballs.'

A new mum has shared a motivational message with all women struggling to deal with their post-baby body.

Revie Jane Schulz, a fitness blogger and Crossfit trainer, admitted that she thought her stomach would never return to it’s pre-pregnancy size and encouraged others to show patience in those first few weeks.

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The Queensland mother-of-one posted a photograph to her Instagram page showing her bikini body at 21 weeks, 37 weeks, and then with five-month-old daughter Lexi.

For someone who frequently shows off her physique on social media, it may surprise fans to learn that she felt self-conscious about her appearance after the birth.

Writing: “I remember just after having Lex I still looked about six months pregnant, it was such a shock. Despite trying to convince myself that it will go back down, inside I believed my tummy would stay that way forever.

“It took a good three months for my pouch to start shrinking again. But it does shrink back down, I promise. In hindsight, yes, a bit of patience would have come in handy.”

Instead of fixating on the flaws, Schulz wants her followers to admire what their bodies have achieved: “The female body is seriously amazeballs.

“I still can’t believe I grew a human, the sweetest little human I could have ever dreamed up – baked for 41 weeks and three days.”

Revie also hit headlines during her pregnancy when a sales assistant commented on how large her bump was for that stage in the pregnancy.