'Pure Comedy, Chaos And Shambles': The Best Jokes About Sunak's Damp Start To The General Election

"'Labour doesn’t have a plan' says man who hadn’t checked the weather forecast."
PM Rishi Sunak called a general election in the middle of a downpour yesterday.
PM Rishi Sunak called a general election in the middle of a downpour yesterday.
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Rishi Sunak’s bold decision to call a general election in the middle of yesterday’s downpour has opened the floodgates on social media.

The prime minister stood outside No.10 Downing Street, in the pouring rain, and declared a general election would be held on July 4.

He then immediately tried to rally voters with a few digs at Labour over the party’s campaigns and policies.

But, no one really focused on that. Most of the attention was on Sunak’s suit, which became completely sodden within minutes.

While all the journalists there to capture the historic moment were sensibly wearing coats or carrying umbrellas, the PM’s bizarre decision to go without for such a pivotal moment, has been demolished by everyone, including today’s newspapers.

Protesters also blared Labour’s 1997 election theme tune – D:Ream’s Things Will Only Get Better – throughout the PM’s speech.

And so critics were quick to coin the phrase “Things Will Only Get Wetter” in a scathing take on Sunak’s announcement.

Considering the Conservatives are around 20 points behind Labour in the opinion polls right now, the image of a downtrodden Sunak standing in the rain was seen as an apt metaphor by many people on social media.

Others pointed out that the Conservatives actually set up an expensive press conference room within No.10, which is warm, dry and available to use.

Either way, the impact that image of a soaked Sunak has had among his online critics – and the newspapers – is clearly significant.

Here’s a round-up of social media’s best jokes about the embarrassing PR gaffe...


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