Royal Baby Name Odds: What Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Call Their First Child?

Victoria, Diana, or... Keith.

No sooner have Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they are expecting their first child together and people are already talking about what they may or may not call their baby.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, currently in Sydney on their first royal tour together, announced on Monday morning that a new royal baby is expected in spring 2019.

People took to Twitter almost immediately to throw around some pretty outrageous suggestions.

And they rightly questioned whether they will choose a traditional English name, or an “Americanised” one.

Not only that, but betting has already started, as Ladbrokes tweeted out the odds of 11 potential names, with Victoria and Albert the most likely. Phillip, Charles, Elizabeth, James, Mary, and William were also on the list.

Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “It’s fair to say this one has been on the cards for some time but nevertheless we’re delighted for Harry and Meghan and all eyes will now turn to what they’ll name their first born.”

The couple may take inspiration from the potential baby names suggested for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before they had Prince Louis.

For boys, Arthur, Albert, Philip and Henry all made the list. For the girls, Alice, Victoria, and Alexandra were suggested.

As for the most popular baby names in the UK from the past year, Oliver and Olivia once again topped the list.

Commenting on the speculation,’s baby names expert SJ Ljungstrom said: “Traditionally royal names are very constrained with only a certain set of monikers to choose from. However, as in everything else, Meghan may well break the mould and do things her way. Undoubtedly the baby’s name will reflect the couple’s beliefs and will stylishly blend centuries of Royal history with Meghan’s modern American heritage.

“I’d also expect to see Meghan referencing her feminist heroines, so maybe a Rosa – as in Parks – instead of the traditional Rose. Or they could even choose Doria to reflect the vital and dignified role Meghan’s mother has played.”

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