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Royal Wedding Bridesmaids 'Bribed With Smarties': How To Keep Kids On Their Best Behaviour At Weddings

Sadly we don't all have access to our own Maria Borrallo.

Princess Charlotte, Prince George and all the other bridesmaids and page boys at the royal wedding seemed to behave perfectly and sources have revealed this was all down to their nanny Maria Borrallo.

Borrallo, who was appointed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2014 shortly after Prince George was born, was on hand to keep the children quiet and happy among the huge spectacle going on around them.

According to The Telegraph, Borrallo’s winning technique included something very simple. She persuaded the children to behave throughout the ceremony by promising them Smarties afterwards. Considering how well they all did, it seems to have worked a treat. 

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The Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte with other bridesmaids and members of the wedding party arrive at St George's Chapel in Windsor Castle for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.
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Sadly, most of us don’t have access to our own Maria Borrallo when attending weddings. So whether your children are involved in the ceremony, or just guests, it’s worth keeping a few other ideas in mind of how to keep them on their best behaviour. 

“While the happy couple are tying the knot, your stomach may be tied in knots at the thought of keeping your child quiet during the ceremony,” Cathy Ranson, editor of told HuffPost UK. “Some couples are relaxed and see children as ‘joining in’ the celebrations if they chat away, others are more formal and prefer children to be seen and not heard, at least while the vows are being exchanged and at other key moments.”

Ranson shared her tips on ways to make the day go smoothly:

:: It sounds simple but make sure they’ve been to the loo, had a drink and a snack before they go in. Not too much to drink though. 

:: Take their comforter with them, but keep it tucked away and only let them have it when they need it. 

:: Take a book for them to read, something new they’ve not seen before. Make sure it’s appropriate and can be read quietly.

:: Emergency snacks and drinks are fine. Nothing crunchy or loud. 

:: Stay near the back if possible or identify your exit route if not. It’s perfectly OK to escape for five minutes if necessary and come back.

:: Find out where the toilet is in advance for any emergencies. 

:: Take a few small soft toys that won’t make a noise if dropped, get them out one by one during the service as a distraction if they’re fidgeting. 

:: Think positive and relax. If they feel you’re tense they’ll pick up on it. 

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