Baby Names: Santa's Lists Of 'Naughty' And 'Nice' Children's Names Revealed In The Lead Up To Christmas

Are your kids' names on there? 🎅📝

Children names Freya and Ryan are most likely to be at the top of Santa’s “nice” list this Christmas.

But those named Faye and Noah come out top on Father Christmas’ “naughty” list.

The tongue-in-cheek lists, compiled by School Stickers, were pulled together by analysing the names of 52,000 children who were awarded the most and least reward stickers throughout the year at school.

“Our annual ‘Santa’s naughty and nice list’ is just a bit of Christmas fun and not to be taken seriously,” said Neil Hodges, managing director, School Stickers.

“There are many Fayes and Noahs that are perfect little angels, and plenty of Freyas and Ryans who Santa is watching.”

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The annual study revealed that boys called Ryan, Lewis, Jacob, Alfie and Jamie are the most likely to receive School Stickers’ rewards for good behaviour in the classroom, but boys called Noah, Riley, Robert, Freddie and Leo, received the least number of rewards.

Mums and dads are more likely to have an easier time if they have a daughter called Freya, Isabella, Caitlin, Georgia or Leah. But if their little girl is named Faye, Lilly, Milly, Annabel or Maddie, they could have trouble on their hands.

Hodges added: “We issue the list every year as many people find it amusing and like to see whether their name is on there.

“However all schools reward differently, with some giving out hundreds, and some thousands of rewards, so there is about as much accuracy to this as if Rudolf had written it.”

If you want to have a bit of a laugh with your kids, have a look at the lists below.


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