SATs 2018: We Can All Learn From This 10-Year-Old Who Wrote Herself An Inspirational Note Before Her Exams

'Be happy, like a unicorn eating doughnuts on a rainbow.' 🦄🌈

A 10-year-old girl sitting her SATs wrote herself an inspirational note before her exams to keep her calm and motivated.

Her dad, Simon Breakell, from London, shared the note his daughter Aoife wrote, on Twitter, writing: “My daughter left herself a note last night explaining her coping strategies for her SATS exams.

“I think we can all taken inspiration from the last line: ‘Be happy, like a unicorn eating doughnuts on a rainbow’.”

In the note, Aoife addressed herself and wrote: “Today you have SATs, your only test is reading. If you get up, you can have eggs on toast so you have some brain food.

“You only have two more days of SATs and then you are done! I think you are cycling, so plaits today. Be happy, like a unicorn, eating doughnuts on a rainbow.”

Speaking to HuffPost UK, Aoife’s dad said she has always had an imagination and almost every night leaves herself motivational notes as a reminder of what her plans are for the following day. “If she knows she’s got a challenge, be that a test, a class presentation or in this case an exam, she will always remind herself that she can achieve her best,” he said. “I guess as any parent would do, we try to make our children believe in themselves, be positive and don’t beat yourself up if things don’t quite go to plan.”

He added that he and his partner find the messages “adorable, humbling and inspiring”. “There’s something quite profoundly innocent about wanting to be a unicorn and eat doughnuts on a rainbow,” he said. “I’ve even taken it into my day. I find that last line just so delightful... and in many ways, quite a mature outlook - things will be fine, don’t worry.”

Too right, we need to take a leaf out of Aoife’s book.

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