13 Hilariously Horrifying AF Items Spotted In Museums That Should Absolutely Be Confined To Room 101

10. Cow hairball, just because
Birmingham Museums

From creepy dolls to crap taxidermy, people have been sharing pictures of museum exhibits they want to lock away in Room 101.

We’ve probably all been to a museum and been glad we weren’t spending the night with an unusual waxwork, scary painting or ghoulish artifact.

And visitors have been using the hashtag #museum101 to share their hilarious finds on Twitter.

Here are the 13 best/worst.

1. Creepy dolls

It seems many museums have them.

2. Crap taxidermy

We’ve all seen some.

3. Sinister hands

Where’s the rest of the body?

4. Hull Museum’s ‘mermaid’

Looks NOTHING like Ariel.

5. James the carousel horse

Please do not feed the animals.

6. Wax Figures


7. Bloody portrait


8. Roald Dahl’s hip bone and spine shavings

Were they his funny bones?

9. Scold’s bridle

A form of torture.

10. Cow hairball

Just because.

11. Whale ear bones with a twist

Make people feel uneasy, apparently.

12. Unusual portraits

This one can be seen in Hull.

13. This jug

He’s watching you.

Museum enthusiast Mar Dixon who runs the Culture Themes blog with Linda Spurdle, who also works at Birmingham Museums, told Huffington Post UK: “We run a different hashtag every month.

“With all the fake news happening I was trying to think of another theme and Linda and I thought of George Orwell’s Room 101 and let people put things in from museums they don’t like.

“Not hate but are more scared of or don’t understand.”

The pair try and come up with a creative way to celebrate museums across the world every month and in January managed to get #museumselfie trending in several countries on Twitter.

Here’s a gem from that theme.

It trended so much, Twitter did a moment on it.


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