Rebecca Humphries Explains Why She's 'Glad' Ex-Boyfriend Seann Walsh's 'Strictly' Kiss Scandal Went Public

"Otherwise I would never have known that I am not crazy."

Rebecca Humphries has said she’s actually happy with the way things played out with her ex-boyfriend Seann Walsh’s ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ kissing scandal, as the incident proved her initial suspicions correct.

Earlier this year, Rebecca made headlines with her powerful statement in response to Seann’s much-publicised kiss with his married ‘Strictly’ professional partner Katya Jones, which just happened to take place on his then-girlfriend’s birthday.

In her statement, Rebecca revealed that when she’d questioned Seann about whether anything was going on between himself and Katya, he’d branded her “a psycho”, referring to his behaviour as “unacceptable”.

Seann and Rebecca at an event in 2014
Seann and Rebecca at an event in 2014
David M. Benett via Getty Images

In a new interview on ‘The Hotbed’ podcast, Rebecca said: “I’m glad that it happened this way, because otherwise I would never have known that I am not crazy.

“So I’m glad it came out, I know I’m embroiled in this television programme’s history now, I obviously thought it would be because I went on it and won it! But it’s just my circumstance and I can’t feel bitter about it, I can’t feel angry or vengeful about it, it’s just how it is, really.”

She also reminded those who’ve been following the story that she chose to speak out not because of the kiss, but because of the behaviour that had preceded it.

Seann and his former 'Strictly' partner Katya
Seann and his former 'Strictly' partner Katya
Ricky Vigil M via Getty Images

“I’m not this puritanical Mary Whitehouse character who thinks that snogging someone when they’re drunk is not OK under any circumstance,” she clarified.

“I’m absolutely not perfect and I’m also an actress and I’ve experienced watching these sorts of things happen in professional environments myself as well, as an I know it can happen.

“I know these things happen but I hope that it’s clear that I wasn’t responding to that particular incident; it was the attempt by a person to make me question myself in order to get away with doing whatever they liked.”

Shortly after the scandal broke, both Seann and Katya appeared on ‘Strictly’ spin-off ‘It Takes Two’, where she insisted the incident was no reflection on her marriage to fellow professional Neil Jones, and he said he was not the man that was being portrayed in the media.


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