The Crown's New Season 6 Trailer Has Left Fans With Lots Of Thoughts

The final season will document the final weeks before, and aftermath of, Princess Diana’s tragic death.

Netflix has released a haunting first trailer for season six of The Crown, which documents the final weeks of Princess Diana’s life.

The final season will be released in two parts and see Elizabeth Debicki as Diana navigates the swarm of paparazzi that tailed her every movement in 1997 after she separated from Prince Charles (Dominic West) and up until her tragic death aged 36.

In a voiceover, Diana says: “I don’t really understand how I ended up here. Dashing around, and losing sight of myself in the process. You know I think that’s been the story of my whole life.”

As the people’s princess reassures her young sons that she is doing okay, Diana receives an invitation to Paris. Imelda Staunton’s Queen Elizabeth II is also heard saying: “All one wants is for that girl to find peace.”

Moments later, there’s a harrowing shot of lights coming on at a house in the middle of the night, and phones manically ringing, presumably the night the Royal Family found out about Diana’s death.

Soon after, everyone sports funeral blacks and the heartache continues for Prince William and Prince Harry, as the world becomes consumed by the news of Diana’s death. At the same time, a reporter tells us “the Royal Family remains silent.”

Fans have been left with “chills” and in “tears” after seeing the haunting footage from the final season, accompanied by a cover of Tears For Fears’ Mad World in the trailer.

It has also struck a chord with people who lived through the tragic events of 1997 and brought back the immense collective grief that occurred after Diana’s death.

Many viewers have also praised Elizabeth’s portrayal of the late Princess, who has become the embodiment of Diana in appearance, grace, and tone of voice.

The Crown Season Six, Part One lands on Netflix on November 16. Part Two will be released on December 14.


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