If You're Looking To Save Water, Here Are 14 Ways To Help You Do It

These solutions will save bucketloads of water (and some money, too).
These tricks will have you saving money without you even realising
These tricks will have you saving money without you even realising

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Whether you’re bathing, boiling veggies for dinner, watering plants or just making endless cups of tea, it’s often easy to rack up the amount of water you are using at home.

But if you’re looking to be a little more economical with your water consumption, there are plenty of ways to bring it down.

From laundry tips and tricks, to tank banks and water butts, here are some solutions we’ve found to help...

Swap your shower head out for a more water efficient alternative
This high-power shower head has three different waterfall options that saves water yet maintains its pressure, so you can still enjoy all the comforts of your regular shower experience. It’s easy to fit in your shower and even has a filtering system to keep the pH level of your water balanced.
Use a tap adapter to avoid being wasteful with water
Having separate hot and cold taps can result in a lot of unused water going straight down the drain, but by using a tap adapter, you can reduce your water consumption by a huge 43%. It is easily detachable which means there’s no need for tools to set it up and makes it super easy to disassemble and clean.
Install a dual flush water-saving device into your toilet cistern
Giving you multiple flush volumes and more control over your water, an option of dual flushing can save you bucket lots of water. You may already have this if you own a modern toilet, however this clever fixture can be fitted to older toilets and save you money every time you flush your loo.
Or a toilet tank bank will do the same trick
If you’re looking to save water per flush, without all the fuss and maintenance, just fill these toilet tank banks with water and fit into your loo’s cistern. These can save you up to four and a half litres of water with each flush.
Reduce your daily showers by one minute
By shortening your showers by just one minute, each person from your household could cut down on a lot of water usage. So why not make sure you’re in and out with this waterproof timer? Withstanding humidity and water spray, it’s perfect for popping on your shower door, mirror, or even on your bathroom cabinets. Its loud and clear alarm will be sure to get you out of the shower.
Make the most out of drizzly days by investing in a water butt for your garden
Put your garden hose away and start reusing rainwater to keep your garden looking healthy. This helpful addition to your garden comes with a lockable lid, a sturdy stand, downpipe filler and tap. It’s also super easy to assemble, so you’ll be all set to start filling up your watering can straight from the butt in no time.
Or conserve the amount of water you use on your garden with a watering can
If you don’t have enough space for a water butt, purchase a watering can to use around your garden or on your houseplants. A garden hose uses around 1000 litres of water per hour, whilst a watering can uses only 10 litres.
Don’t leave the tap running, fill up a bowl when you're washing up
If you’re prone to leaving the tap running as you do the dishes, a washing up bowl is a great way to save water (and your money). You’ll end up running the tap for far less time by filling a bowl, than you would if you leave it constantly running. This one is also collapsible, making it super handy for saving you space, and features a plug to drain water. You can also use a bowl to wash your fruit and veg and use the leftover water for your thirsty houseplants.
Wash your car with this waterless cleaner
Did you know you can keep your car sparkling without using any water? This waterless car shampoo cuts through dirt and grime to leave an effortless just-waxed shine. Just spray it on, wipe away the dirt with a microfibre cloth and buff it up with a clean cloth.
Only fill your kettle up with the exact amount you need
Why fill and boil half a kettle of water if you’re only going to use enough for one cup? Measuring out exactly how much water you need to fill your cups of tea will save you water, energy and overall, money. To make it easier, this rapid boiling kettle clearly details how much water you need per cup.
Fill a jug with water and chill in the fridge for instant cold water whenever you want
If you find yourself at the kitchen tap waiting for the water to run cold, your pennies are adding up without you even realising. Instead fill a container with water straight from the tap and pop it in the fridge to cool, for ice cold water on demand. This pack of three glass bottle decanters, each holding a litre, are great for chilling with their spill-free silicone lids.
Use a food steamer instead of boiling when cooking your dinner
Whether you’re boiling veggies, rice, or pasta, there’s no need to take up multiple rings on your hob with pans of water bubbling away, when you can use a food steamer. Needing less water and cooking at a lower temperature, this steamer has three tiered compartments that can be used to cook an entire meal.
Make sure you’ve got enough dirty laundry to run a full wash
By waiting until you’ve got a full load before putting a wash on, you can save less water and energy than running two half-loads. This super handy laundry hamper separates your dark, light, and colour clothing so you can better judge when you have enough to fill your washing machine’s drum.
Set your washing machine to eco mode
Putting your washing machine on eco mode will mean your cycle uses less water and will run at a colder temperature. Despite it taking longer, this setting will save you both water and energy. But make sure to grab a good liquid detergent as the powder alternatives fail to dissolve in colder washes. This five-litre, eco-friendly laundry liquid will give you concentrated cleaning power, perfect for lower temperatures, for 150 washes.