25/05/2016 11:53 BST | Updated 25/05/2016 14:04 BST

New Celebrity Injunction Battle Over Star Who 'Sexually Harassed Hairdresser'

Here we go again.

A world-famous singer who allegedly sexually harassed his hairdresser will reportedly be named in the US today, but the British press is gagged once again from naming the celebrity at the heart of the scandal.

The star, known only in court documents as 'RA', obtained a gagging order forbidding the publication of his identity.

He faced an employment tribunal over the allegations last year, settling the case out of court in February.

British media are prohibited from naming a singer known as 'RA' who reportedly sexually harassed his hairdresser.

His lawyers have now taken the case to the Court of Appeal in a bid to prevent the star from being identified.

But he will be named in a US publication today.

This latest gagging order comes after Supreme Court judges ruled last week that the couple at the centre of the celebrity threesome injunction will remain anonymous. New Celebrity Injunction Battle Over Star Who 'Sexually Harassed

The man, identified in court hearings only as 'PJS', asked the Supreme Court to consider the case after losing a fight in the Court of Appeal.

The injunction meant that press in England and Wales could not name the A-list star or his partner, but publications anywhere else in the world could, leading to media outlets claiming that "the law is an ass".

Daily Mail
The Daily Mail declared 'The law is an ass' on its front page after a decision over the case of PJS and YMA

This latest gagging order means that millions around the world will be able to read about the allegations that a celebrity groped his stylist. 

A source close to the case said that the singer's behaviour towards the hairdresser "was sustained and sordid beyond belief", the MailOnline reports.

The source added that the musician was "out of control" and "seems to think the normal rules of acceptable behaviour don’t apply to him because he’s a rich star". 

The High Court ruled earlier this month that the musician did not have a legal right to remain anonymous. 

'RA' has now taken the fight to the Court of Appeal. His anonymity remains intact until the case has been decided.

The hairdresser, known as ‘CA’, originally brought a lawsuit against the celebrity and two others, known as ‘RB’ and ‘RC’.

Mrs Justice Simler said in her judgement that 'RA' as a "well-known public figure" and that there was a legitimate public interest in the case, stressing the importance of open justice.

Earlier this month, the identity of a married actor who reportedly had sex with former prostitute Helen Wood was revealed by US media and on Twitter.

It's alleged that the married actor paid for sex with Wood, 30, the former escort who once claimed she had an affair with England footballer Wayne Rooney, while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their first child.

The "family man" was named by US media and on social media, yet the British media remain prohibited from revealing the A-lister’s identity.