It Looks Like The Crown Just Had A 'Revenge Dress' Moment Of Its Own On Spencer's Release Date

New photos of Elizabeth Debicki in character as Princess Diana have caused quite the commotion online.

Alongside her elaborate wedding gown, Princess Diana’s so-called “revenge dress” is undoubtedly one of her most iconic fashion moments.

In 1994, the late Princess of Wales was photographed attending a dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington gardens, sporting a short, off-the-shoulder black dress.

Princess Diana pictured in her so-called "revenge dress"
Princess Diana pictured in her so-called "revenge dress"
Anwar Hussein via Getty Images

The pictures were seen around the world as they came shortly after Prince Charles’ admission of adultery in a TV interview, with many perceiving the outfit as Diana’s way of rising above the media furore (hence the “revenge dress” label, which quickly caught on).

As Diana’s former stylist Anna Harvey put it: “She wanted to look a million dollars… and she did.”

Well, it seems that the royal Netflix drama The Crown had a bit of a “revenge dress” moment of its own this week.

Filming on the fifth season of the award-winning show is currently underway, with Elizabeth Debicki taking over the role of Princess Diana from Emma Corrin, who won huge praise for their performance in The Crown last year.

On Friday, it just happened that paparazzi photos taken on set made their way online, with Elizabeth seen wearing her version of the “revenge dress”.

And while we’re sure it was purely coincidence that these pictures were taken on the very same day that the new Diana biopic Spencer – starring Kristen Stewart in the lead role – hit cinemas, the timing was still definitely not lost on Twitter:

The fifth season of The Crown is expected to hit cinemas in November 2022, with a brand new cast taking over as the Royal Family.

Imelda Staunton is set to lead things as Queen Elizabeth II, with Jonathan Pryce, Dominic West and Lesley Manville portraying Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret, respectively.


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