The Crown's Gillian Anderson Shares Hilarious 'Ibble Dibble' Behind-The-Scenes Snaps

Things were apparently just as chaotic off-screen while they were filming the scene.

The new series of The Crown is obviously jam-packed with drama, but it also manages to deliver on comedy too.

One such moment occurs in the second episode of the new series, which sees Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher struggling to make a good impression on the royal family as she spends the bank holiday with them at Balmoral.

During her stay, the former PM plays the drinking game Ibble Dibble with the royals, which has already proved a favourite among fans of the show.

On Tuesday, Gillian shared some behind-the-scenes snaps from the scene in question, showing that things were every bit as chaotic off-camera as they were on.

Gillian also posted a clip of the cast performing an impromptu rendition of Mr Sandman, all while still adorned with their Ibble Dibble black marks, of course.

For the unitiated, Ibble Dibble sees players attempting to recite a particularly difficult tongue-twister to one another, and if they fail, they’re forced to give themselves a mark on their face, with the aid of a blackened wine cork.

In The Crown creator Peter Morgan’s version of events, it wasn’t getting her words out that Thatcher struggled with, but rather getting in on the fun (as you can see in the clip below):

Season four of The Crown received excellent reviews upon its release earlier this month, although some viewers have taken issue with certain scenes that have been inserted to add to the drama, despite not actually taking place in reality.

Responding to this criticism, Emma Corrin – who plays Princess Diana – said recently: “I think for everyone in the The Crown, we always try and remind everyone that the series we are in is fictionalised, to a great extent.

“Obviously it has its roots in reality and in some fact, but Peter Morgan’s scripts are works of fiction.”

All four series of The Crown are now available to watch on Netflix.


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