03/08/2018 12:09 BST

The DIY Rosewater Face Mist You Need For The Heat

Keep hydrated in the heat for cheap 💦

A face mist during the summer months is what a vintage turtleneck is to winter. Necessary, a bit extra and the perfect staple for the ever changing weather.

Whether you’re riding the Tube, driving through country lanes with the sun on your face or basking in the light when wandering through a seaside town, a face mist is the only top-up you’ll need. 

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A variety of face mists on the market differ in what they do: some may make your skin matte, some will even try to re-energise your skin with zingy Vitamin C ingredients. A rosewater face mist however will keep your skin (and furthermore your soul) feeling refreshed through the day.

This is because roses are hypoallergenic and have anti-inflammatory properties which can reduce redness, calm irritated or dry skin and is even used in skincare due to its hydrating benefits. Roses pressed in water go back as far as Cleopatra and well, if it’s good enough for her, it’s time for us to give it a try. 

By creating your own face mist, you’ll also know exactly what you’re putting on your face after you slap on some SPF. There’s no need for all those extra drying ingredients like alcohol or fragrances that may break you out. Plus, a DIY face mist is kinder to your wallet.

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Things You Will Need

Spray water bottle (travel size of 100ml preferable)

Rose water (look for complete bottles of rosewater that have been sourced from Middle Eastern and North African brands).

Evening primrose oil or any essential oil of your choice*

*This is an additional ingredient, it works just as well without an essential oil.

How To

Open the nozzle of your travel water bottle and fill the spray bottle up ¾ of the way with rosewater.

Then place 4-5 drops of your selected essential oil.*

If you prefer not to use an essential oil you can simply fill your spray bottle up all the way to the top with rosewater and get spraying! Cheers to healthy, glowy skin.