Disney+ Teases The Simpsons Is Coming After All, And We Can All Breathe A Sigh Of Relief

Last week we were devastated when it was reported The Simpsons may not be coming to the streaming service.

Remember last week when we were dealt the devastating blow that The Simpsons may well not be among the shows featured on the UK version of Disney’s new streaming service?

Well, it seems there’s been a miracle over at the House Of Mouse, and we’re very much here for it.

Disney announced the plans for the UK edition of Disney+ last week, and unlike its international counterparts, The Simpsons was nowhere to be found, despite having been one of the main reasons we were so looking forward to subscribing.

This led many to arrive at the conclusion that everyone’s favourite yellow family would not be making the jump to the platform when it makes its debut in the UK later in the month.

But behold, it seems that Simpsons fans in the UK may be able to stream the show after all...

While the corporation didn’t offer any further information, we can only assume this last-minute change is due to a recently-announced deal between Disney and Sky, which was also announced on Tuesday morning.

The deal will see Disney+ among the streaming services available for purchase as part of the new Sky Q package, and will also be coming to NOW TV in the coming weeks.

The Simpsons currently airs on Sky One in the UK, as well as Channel 4.

The Simpsons
The Simpsons

As well as every single episode of The Simpsons (with one notable omission), Disney+ will also feature every Disney and Pixar film, not to mention the entire Marvel and Star Wars back catalogue.

The service has its own original programming too, most notably the Star Wars spin-off The Mandalorian (yes, the one with Baby Yoda in it) and the mockumentary High School Musical: The Musical, The Series.

Disney+ will begin streaming in the UK on 24 March.

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