07/02/2018 10:40 GMT

'Time's Up' Movement Raises $20 Million To Help Victims Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

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The ‘Time’s Up’ movement has raised $20 million since its inception less than a month ago, it has been revealed.

At the beginning of January, 300 prominent women in the film industry co-signed an open letter announcing a new project, described as a “unified call for change from women in entertainment for women everywhere”.

Although the movement was set up in the wake of allegations against Hollywood figures including Harvey Weinstein, and backed by many famous female actors, the main aim of ‘Time’s Up’ is to fund legal support for anyone who has been sexually harassed in the workplace, across all industries.

Rachel Murray via Getty Images
Several 'Time's Up' members at the 2018 Makers Conference

During the 2018 Makers Conference, filmmaker Ava DuVernay announced how successful the initiative has already been, with $20 million (£14.4 million) raised so far and more than 1000 requests for help received in the last few weeks.

Actress Rashida Jones, who was also on the panel and serves as a ‘Time’s Up’ campaign member, highlighted that the success of the campaign stemmed from its push for intersectionality across race, class, sexuality and other factors.

She insisted: “There is no change unless you can bring along everyone who has been marginalised.”

Rachel Murray via Getty Images
Ava DuVernay led the panel discussion and was joined by Jill Soloway, Rashida Jones, Tina Tchen, Melina Matsoukas, Nina Shaw, Maha Dakhil and Natalie Portman  

Since it was first announced last month, numerous celebrities have been helping raise awareness of the campaign, most notably during this year’s Golden Globes, where everyone in attendance wore all-black outfits in solidarity with the victims of sexual abuse.

Several speeches on the night highlighted the important issues which ‘Time’s Up’ aims to tackle.

It was recently reported that the silent protest will be resurrected for the Baftas, which are set to take place in London later this month.

Watch the full panel discussion below: