time's up

The pop star still didn't rally behind the Time's Up movement, saying she would never "cheer for someone's demise."
She has insisted the last 12 months were "just the beginning".
The year started with the ripples of #Metoo growing stronger. As the movement left few industries untouched, women got angry, and demanded to be heard.
Lindsay Lohan is facing a backlash after suggesting that the #MeToo movement “makes women look weak” in an interview with The Times.
The group is demanding "appropriate investigations and inquiries" into abuse allegations made against the US star.
The “Westworld” star has been speaking out about her own experience of Hollywood sexual abuse for years.
For those of us with Catholicism running through our chromosomes, coaxing the true Mary out of the embers of a papal patriarchy bonfire means something
Investing in women and girls is the right thing to do. It's also the smart thing to do.
Some pointed out the irony of Bryant, who was accused of rape in 2003, winning an Oscar in the wake of the Me Too movement.
There may not have been a black out, but the stars still made a fashion statement against sexual harassment.
Experts says it’s “extremely rare” for a member of the royal family to speak out on a cultural movement.
Photographers tried to get upskirt shots of her and various other celebs.
Ironically, since it was clearly no part of his intention, the Weinstein affair may end up helping woman everywhere
'Whether we’re in the limelight or in the shadows, our voices matter.'
Guests will once again show visible support for 'Time's Up',