Tories Spark Outrage With New Policy Slogan About 'British Homes For British People'

"Just build some f***ing houses,' one person posted.
Rishi Sunak, leader of the Tory party and UK PM
Rishi Sunak, leader of the Tory party and UK PM
DAN KITWOOD via Getty Images

The Conservatives’ latest policy promotion online has social media users coming down on the government like, well, a ton of bricks.

A post shared on Tuesday from the party’s official X (formerly Twitter) account suggested the government would help secure “British homes for British people”.

The caption explained: “We are making sure the allocation of social housing is fairer for people and cracking down on rule breakers.”

Another slogan at the bottom of the image reads: “We’re ensuring decent hard working people are prioritised for the home they need.”

While the UK housing crisis is a real problem – particularly after the Tories scrapped mandatory housebuilding targets – this wording has caused real consternation.

The government has already been slammed repeatedly for its “immoral” Rwanda policy, which intends to deport supposedly illegal asylum seekers.

Last week, the Guardian reported that Downing Street was looking to give UK families greater priority for social housing, although the slogan was expected to be “British homes for British workers”.

The newspaper reported that this was part of a plan to elevate Rishi Sunak’s image as tough on immigration – but it really did not land with X users...


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