Trafalgar Square's Christmas Tree Has Arrived, Looking 'So Over It'

The UK embassy in Norway even attached a disclaimer this time...
This year's Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square has arrived
This year's Christmas tree for Trafalgar Square has arrived
Twitter @LM_Westminster/@DanBarker

Norway’s annual gift of a huge Christmas tree for London has already been ridiculed, just hours after its arrival.

The giant foliage spectacle has once again touched down in the heart of the capital, ready to be decorated – but much like last year, it’s looking pretty sparse when it comes to actual branches...

Every year, Norway presents the UK with a Christmas tree as a means of thanks for our involvement in World War 2.

But in 2021, the tree was utterly torn apart on Twitter for its noticeable lack of pine needles, with many people commenting that it really reflected the year all Brits had.

And 2022 was a pretty rough ride too – and so Twitter users, once again, flocked to mock the tree which represents the rather weary state many Brits are in at the moment.

But, the British Embassy in Norway was ready for it this time.

When uploading photos of the (actually quite bushy) tree being cut last week, it added: “Disclaimer: the Trafalgar Tree was in perfect condition when it left!”

And not everyone wanted to knock it – it has travelled 1,000 miles to the UK after all.


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