27/03/2017 15:40 BST | Updated 27/03/2017 16:32 BST

TrumpWatch: 5 *Incredible* Revelations From The World Of Donald Trump This Weekend

Golf, Obamacare, and White House paranoia.

The last few days in the world of President Donald Trump has been rather revealing.

We’ve discovered... 

1. Trump *really* likes golfing. Bigly.

He can’t give it up. The President loves to golf and to be clear, that’s not an issue.

Trouble is, Trump was vicious in his criticism of President Obama for his tee time habit and the White House has been less than honest in disclosing how much time he spends on the green.

On Saturday, Trump took his eighth visit to one of his eponymous golfing establishments in nine weeks - his 13th since taking office.

After four and a half hours (roughly the amount of time for an 18 hole game), Trump left the course. The protective pool of reporters was told by the White House there were “meetings”.

But pictures posted by other golfers showed Trump in full golf kit.

The secrecy has prompted Democrats to propose a Bill requiring Trump to come clean.

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2. Trump handed Angela Merkel an actual bill for Nato contributions.

According to German sources quoted in The Times, Trump handed Chancellor Angela Merkel a printed bill for US contributions to Nato - to the tune of £300 billion.

The stunt was described as “outrageous” by one German minister.

3. Trump’s art of the deal leaves a lot to be desired.

He’s famous for his bestselling book, The Art Of The Deal, but it appears Trump’s art form leaves a lot to be desired after the GOP’s junking of healthcare reform.

“We’re going to do it, we’re going to do it... we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare on day one,” Trump said last year.  

But the president’s campaign promise of repealing and replacing Obamacare was officially crushed last week when Republican lawmakers withdrew a proposed bill.

The bill would have raised insurance contributions for many and ended coverage for millions.

And on Friday, Trump said: “I never said ‘repeal and replace Obamacare’, within 64 days.”

Yes he did. Watch the proof, above.

4.  White House staff are calling reporters to see if they’re being talked about.

According to Politico, White House staffers “at the highest levels” have started phoning reporters “inquiring whether other senior aides are leaking damaging information about them”.

And a ‘blame game’ has engulfed Sean Spicer’s press office, with accusations the former Republican National Committee operative is not loyal to the president.

5. Trump’s Anchorman told he’s ‘bad for America’

Famed broadcaster Ted Koppel told Fox News host and Trump fanatic Sean Hannity he was “bad for America” - to his face.

Hannity has been the anchor of choice for Trump, conducting several flagship interviews since his inauguration.

Watch the clip, above

And, finally: Things Donald Trump Has Accomplished So Far: