29/07/2018 13:02 BST | Updated 30/07/2018 10:50 BST

UK Weather Forecast: Blustery Conditions To Give Way To 30C This Week

But not everyone will see temperatures rise again.

Those who’ve enjoyed the recent cooler conditions and smattering of showers are advised to make the most of it, as weather forecasters predict a return of scorching temperatures.

Thermometers crashed on Friday evening as thunder, gales and heavy rain punctured the long-running heatwave but, for some, the mercury looks set to rise once more.

Conditions towards the end of the week are expected to be warmer, with uninterrupted sunshine predicted in many parts on Friday.

Nick Ansell - PA Images via Getty Images
Heavy rain and gusts of up to 50mph saw the weekend washout continue following weeks of hot, dry weather. 

Temperatures will reach as high as 30C in London on Thursday and Friday, up from 21C on Sunday afternoon. Temperatures will rise elsewhere in England, but to a lesser extent. 

Southampton will see 25C on Friday, up from 20C. Bristol will see 26C, from 23C on Sunday. While Birmingham will see 24C.

Before the heat rises, though, forecasters expect things to be still rather showery on Tuesday, especially in the northwest, where it will also be windy. 

And many parts of northern England will experience changeable conditions throughout, the Met Office said on Sunday.

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A woman relaxes in the heat in central London last week. Higher temperatures are predicted to return to the capital from Wednesday.

Scotland will see cloudy weather and much lower temperatures, with highs of 19C towards the end of the week.

Northern Ireland had a similar outlook, with highs of 20C on Thursday and Friday. 

The forecast for Wales is a mixed picture. Cardiff will see highs of 24C, while the Isle of Anglesey will see a top temperature of 20C next week.

Current longer-term forecasts for the rest of August remain positive, with dry and warm conditions expected across the UK.