Ukip Conference Attracts Donald Trump Supporters And Climate Change Deniers

'Make Britain Great Again.'

Ukip’s party conference has seemingly attracted the attention of numerous Donald Trump supporters, clearly unafraid to display their allegiance in the most garish ways possible.

One enthusiastic fan was pictured wearing a t-shirt featuring a collage of the US presidential-hopeful’s face.

There were also hats with reference to Trump’s campaign slogan, bearing the phrase ‘Make Britain Great Again’, being sold.

Joe Jenkins, a press officer for Ukip, and chair of the party’s youth wing Jamie Ross McKenzie posed for a photo with the hats, promoting their sale.

McKenzie told Breibart: “The idea came when I saw Nigel speak at the Trump rally. Sometimes the best and boldest ideas are the simplest”.

They are being sold for £10 a piece at the Young Independence stall.

Also found at the party conference were posters by Christian Soldiers advertising a climate change denial seminar.

Farage and Trump’s relationship was forged when they appeared together at a Republican rally late last month. He told the billionaire mogul’s supporters he could not bring himself to vote for Hillary Clinton even if “she paid me”.

“Anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment,” the ex-Ukip leader added.

Trump and Farage’s close relationship deepened when the former declared himself “Mr Brexit” in homage to Farage’s tireless, ultimately successful, campaign against the EU.

Stepping down as leader today, Farage hinted he may return to Trump’s side, saying: “Who knows, I may even go back to the United States of America. From now on, I’m really going to speak my mind.”

Diane James has been elected at his successor, becoming Ukip’s first woman leader with 8,451 votes.


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