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Unique Baby Names: The Monikers Parents Aren't Using Anymore Including Coralia, Basie and Moe

Fenno or Letitia? 💕

If you’re looking for a unforgettable name for your newborn, you might want to take inspiration from a list of monikers that “no one” is using anymore.

Pamela Redmond, founder of Nameberry, said parents using the baby-naming website are constantly on the search for a list of names nobody else uses.

So Redmond and the site editors decided to compare all the official baby names recorded in the US last year against the complete list of names in their own database.

They were left with a list of names that no parents used in 2016. The list contained 5,000 names, so they narrowed it down to the most “usable” choices.

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We’ve picked out 10 of the unique boys’ names and 10 of the unique girls’ names below. 

Girls’ names nobody uses:

1. Acantha

2. Bluebell

3. Coralia

4. Ottoline

5. Malou

6. Letitia

7. Freesia

8. Louisiana

9. Kerensa

10. Sanne.

Boys’ names nobody uses:

1. Drummer

2. Basie

3. Piran

4. Gulliver

5. Roone

6. Septimus

7. Moe

8. Osgood

9. Fenno

10. Spike.

To see the full list of 100 unique baby names, visit Nameberry

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