09/08/2016 14:46 BST | Updated 11/08/2016 11:02 BST

University Challenge's Pop Music Round Was Bad News For Oriel College, Oxford

"Is it wrong how much I enjoy watching the University Challenge contestants squirm when Jeremy says 'a piece of popular music'?"

Monday’s edition of University Challenge had viewers glued to their screens with a particularly interesting set of contestants and a few major gaffes.

The show was a corker throughout, but nobody could quite tear themselves away from Oriel College, Oxford’s dramatic failure to name a single piece of popular music.

Oriel also failed to name who sang “Hey! Bo Diddley”. Here’s a hint if you’re playing along at home: It was Bo Diddley. Not Cole Porter, which prompted this reaction from Jeremy Paxman:

The people watching at home all jumped on Twitter at once to ridicule the supposedly clever Oxford students who failed at all hurdles when faced with a few simple pieces of pop culture.

The boys were even faced with ridicule on their return to their College.

But other viewers were more concerned with the sheer amount of hair on the show.

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