Missguided Applauded For Featuring Unretouched Photos Of Models With Stretch Marks

'bout time 😏

People are loving Missguided’s latest images and not just because the clothes are cute.

Some of the models featured are shown celebrating their natural beauty, with stretch marks seen on their chest, hips and thighs entirely unretouched.


This may not seem like a big deal to some (stretch marks are, after all, a natural part of the being human), especially after ASOS chose to forego the airbrushing during their summer 2017 campaign.

But it is still rare to see stretch marks in the notoriously perfectionist fashion industry.

To see beautiful women represented in their true light is a breath of fresh air.


Naturally the news was picked up by a few on Twitter, who shared their appreciation with Missguided.

The high street brand seems to be turning over a new leaf with their take on inclusivity in fashion and applauding body diversity.

Some Twitter users stressed the significance of this on the topic of diversity and body positivity.

But one user was a little more sceptical, believing Misguided (and other high street brands) have no choice but to follow the changing attitude towards body image in fashion.

Either way, it’s a welcome change.


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