Vernon Kay Had Some Candid Things To Say About Sex In This New Interview

“Have I ever taken Viagra? No! That’s the last pill I need to be taking!" said the Radio 2 host, who is married to Strictly host Tess Daly.
Vernon Kay
Vernon Kay
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Vernon Kay had some candid things to say about sex as he sat down for a new interview to celebrate beginning his new Radio 2 show.

The presenter, who has taken over Ken Bruce’s old slot on the station, recently had a wide-ranging chat with The Sun, in which he joked Viagra was “the last pill he needs to be taking” but worries about his body looking good for wife Tess Daly.

“I love the fact that Robbie talked about the intimacy side of marriage being more important than the sex side, because I think sometimes communication can be more intimate,” he said.

“Physical is physical but when you’re chatting and being open and honest, and you’re intimate in that way, that’s a bigger connection, isn’t it?

“When you’re 93 you’re probably not going to be shagging from the rafters . . . maybe I’ll try the Viagra by then!”

Vernon has been married to Strictly host Tess Daly since 2003
Vernon has been married to Strictly host Tess Daly since 2003
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However Vernon stated he believes sex is “still important in a marriage” as “love is evolving constantly”.

He also said he wants to be “in peak shape physically” for Strictly Come Dancing host Tess, who he has been married to since 2003, and shares two teenage daughters with.

Vernon said: “Travelling through life together starts when you get married, but your bodies change, and my body — I know for a fact — doesn’t look like it did when we first met when I was 22.

“I worry about it,” he admitted. “And I think hiding behind a ‘dad bod’ is a sad excuse.

“I don’t think men should be using it as an excuse not to look after themselves — you should look after yourself if you’re able to and you can.”

On Monday, Vernon kicked off his new BBC Radio 2 show with a big promise to listeners, who also gave his debut the thumbs up.

Ahead of the broadcast, he appeared on BBC Breakfast, promising it would be “more of the same”.

He said: “I’m very, very excited. The BBC Radio 2 audience are very faithful and nothing has changed apart from the voice behind the microphone and I can’t wait to get started at 9.30 on the dot.”

He continued: “Because the show was so successful it’s, ‘Don’t change it if it ain’t broke’. It’s more of the same, really.”

His predecessor Ken Bruce announced back in January that he was leaving the BBC after more than 40 years, and has now launched a new show over on Greatest Hits Radio.


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