tess daly

"There aren’t many pairs left, everyone’s focused on the prize..."
The launch date for the 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing is not far off – here's everything we know so far.
The 2023 series of the BBC ballroom show is not far off launch – this is what you need to know.
“Have I ever taken Viagra? No! That’s the last pill I need to be taking!" said the Radio 2 host, who is married to Strictly host Tess Daly.
Some of the biggest names from the small screen hit the red carpet ahead of Sunday's ceremony.
The presenter was called “condescending” with her remarks after Rhys became emotional on Saturday.
We won't be seeing him showing off his moves on the BBC ballroom show any time soon.
The Strictly Come Dancing host was repeatedly moved to tears during Vernon's time in the castle.
"He went in wanting to make us proud, and he made us beyond proud!" the Strictly Come Dancing host wrote.