Victoria Beckham Reminds Us Why She’s Always Been The Funniest Spice Girl With This Blunt Advice To Fans

Posh Spice has never been one to mince her words.
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

If watching her in the David Beckham Netflix documentary didn’t already convince you that Victoria is low-key hilarious, then maybe the Spice Girls’ old advice column will.

Posh Spice has often (for reasons unknown to us) been branded as the more deadpan Spice Girl, but real fans will know just how wicked Victoria’s sense of humour is.

And that’s plain to see in the recently unearthed Spice Girls advice column which appears to be from their official magazine Spice, first published back in the late ’90s.

As revived by X/Twitter user @JMRGBY, fans wrote to the Spice Girls to ask for help with their problems, which would receive personalised responses from the girls.

Victoria’s responses were, unsurprisingly, totally iconic.

“I’m a lad of fifteen and my problem is that my girlfriends always chuck me after about two weeks,” one teen wrote in to the magazine.

While Emma Bunton encouraged the young romantic to “be yourself”, Victoria said: “Look in the mirror. Maybe you’re a bit of a tosser with bad dress sense and you’d be better off spending the money on some new clothes.”

Another wrote in to share that she was too embarrassed to go number two at her boyfriend’s house. Well-meaning Baby Spice suggested they “be really open about it”, while Victoria was real as always: “You could say you’ve left something in the car and then peg it outside and find a toilet round the corner.”

Fans were, unsurprisingly, howling at Victoria’s very on-brand responses. “There are people in this world that genuinely believe Victoria Beckham has no personality,” one person wrote.

“Knew she was always my favourite for a reason,” another shared. “Vicky B’s humour has always been so underrated,” a third said.

If you’re still only just coming round to Posh Spice’s brand of comedy, we previously rounded up 12 moments that prove she’s always been hilarious.


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