Victoria Beckham Looks Positively Overjoyed To Be At The Royal Wedding

Her excitement really shone through.

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot in Windsor on Saturday (19 May), many commented that it was the perfect weather for a wedding, with the sun beaming down on both the happy couple and their excited guests.

But the beam of the sun paled in comparison to the beam of famous guest Victoria Beckham’s smile, as she made her way into the ceremony.

Victoria and David Beckham
Victoria and David Beckham
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Victoria and husband David were among the many famous faces in the congregation at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, having previously attended William and Kate’s back in 2011.

And there was no mistaking just how overjoyed Victoria was to be celebrating with the happy couple at the event the whole world was watching, as she was snapped by photographers on her way into the ceremony.

Who wouldn't be this excited to be at the biggest even in the country?
Who wouldn't be this excited to be at the biggest even in the country?

David and Victoria’s arrival on Saturday morning sparked an A-list deluge, with the cast of ‘Suits’ and George and Amal Clooney following shortly afterwards.

In the lead-up to the ceremony, there was much speculation about whether the reception would be the perfect opportunity for a Spice Girls reunion, with rumours swirling the five-piece would be giving their first performance since the 2012 Olympics in honour of Meghan and Harry’s big day.

While band member Mel B appeared to suggest there was some truth to the rumours earlier this week, Melanie C later poured water on the claims, insisting that not only had the Spice Girls not been invited to perform, she was actually feeling pretty miffed about not being asked.

But while it seems a royal Spice Girls performance is off the cards for now, at least we can bask in the glow of Victoria Beckham’s joyful expression...

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What. A. Hoot.


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