08/06/2017 11:16 BST | Updated 08/06/2017 14:22 BST

Voting Shoes: Voters Are Sharing Photos Of Their Polling Station Footwear, And We Can't Get Enough

But some MPs don't quite get it!

People are putting their most stylish foot forward as they make their way to polling stations across the UK today. 

As the General Election takes place on 8 June, voters opted for seriously stylish footwear as they exercise their right to vote.  

Social media users have taken to Twitter to share photos of their ‘Voting Shoes’, after being invited to do so by Women’s March London and we can’t get enough. 

From leopard print pumps and bright red sandals to black patent leather brogues, the fashion statements are out in full force. 

However, one politician, Craig MacKinley of the Conservative party, appears not to have received the memo, choosing shoes that are barely holding it together. 

Emma McNally, an organiser of Women’s March London, told HuffPost UK:

“The Women’s March is an international women’s movement for change,” she said. 

“The energy and determination that brought millions of women out worldwide on 21 January to protest for equality, dignity and justice has continued to grow.  More women are becoming politically engaged than ever before.

“We invited women to send in pictures of their #MarchingShoes for the Women’s March on 21 January 2017. Today, we’re asking for photos of their #VotingShoes.

“Women came out in huge numbers to march for social justice on 21 January today we want them to come out in huge numbers to vote.  Your vote is your voice and we’re hoping women will come out today and be heard.  

“Women have had voting rights for less than 100 years old, we have no intention of wasting them.”

Here are a few of our favourite snaps so far: