14 Ways Your Kids Will Annoy You On Christmas Day

Not today Satan.

Christmas is definitely a time for children, and becoming a parent only reminds you of the magic of Father Christmas and stockings laden with presents. But that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing.

Having young people fired up on presents, sugar, and 24 hour entertainment at home can be a recipe for disaster, (or just require a recipe for a big drink for mum and dad).

Here are 14 ways your kids will wind you up on 25 December, but you’ll still love them anyway.

1. Waking up at an unholy hour and refusing to go back to sleep.

2. Insisting on getting in bed with you until you get up.

3. Throwing a tantrum because they can’t open all their presents at 4am.

4. Repeatedly asking if any of them have a puppy inside.

5. Getting themselves stuck in a web of sellotape.

6. Nagging you to build the most complicated toy straight away.

7. Losing a single part that means the thing is impossible to use.

8. Refusing to pose nicely for a photograph with their grandma.

9. Raiding the kitchen for endless chocolate and sugar.

10. Being unable to eat lunch because they’re too full.

11. Sneaking their food under the table so the dog eats it all.

12. Complaining they are hungry in half an hour’s time.

13. Crying when anyone tries to put anything other than ‘Frozen’ on.

14. Mentioning all the things that Father Christmas forgot to bring this year.