5 Ways To Fit Exercise In Your Morning Before Work

Early bird catches the bikini bod.

We get it, waking up in time for work is hard enough, without having to set your alarm an hour earlier.

But fitting your exercise in the morning not only makes you feel smug, it also means you can say yes to that spontaneous after-work drink.

So in case, like us, you want to become more of a morning person, try these five ways to help fit in your gym visit before you get to your desk.

1. Make sure your gym is on your route to work.

It’s too easy to make excuses if you have to go out of your way to exercise. When you are signing up, pick a gym that is either near your office or near your house. Then you can integrate it into your mornings more easily.

2. Start using the shower at the gym.

We all have to wash in the morning (hopefully...) so instead of getting half-dressed at home and then doing it all over again when you get to the gym, exercise first and then put your face on.

3. Pack your gym bag the night before, so you don’t faff.

Time is precious in the morning and having the added chore of packing an outfit for work, getting your water bottle and everything else you need, is just another stumbling block when you’re tired and want to go back to bed.

4. Do yoga at home before you leave the house.

As they say it is different strokes for different folks, and lots of people simply can’t face the gym before 9am. If you are one of these people consider doing some exercise from the comfort of your home. For example, if you normally have a yoga class booked in for after work, why not follow a yoga YouTube tutorial instead and get it out the way?

5. Ditch the bus.

If the main part of your workout is long stretches spent on the treadmill then why not actually put that running to good use and save yourself some pennies in the process? Ditch public transport on the way to work and run there instead.

Let’s do this💪