Wedding Limits Could Be Lifted, Even If June 21 Is Delayed

Good news for couples who have rescheduled their weddings three, or even four, times.

The news that June 21 ‘unlockdown’ could be delayed has come as a blow to couples who have rearranged their weddings for late June/early July.

For some, it could mean delaying their wedding for a third, or even fourth, time.

But there could be a glimmer of hope for the couples, as reports suggest Boris Johnson will lift the 30-person limit on weddings even if the easing of other lockdown restrictions is delayed beyond June 21.

Despite the news that the full ‘unlockdown’ could be delayed for a fortnight, The Times has reportedly been told the 30-person cap will be removed on June 21.

It’s not clear whether there would still be an upper limit to the number of guests if this was the case, or if there would be an unlimited number allowed.

This will come as welcome news to the thousands of engaged couples waiting to tie the knot, many who have shared their frustrations on social media using the #WhatAboutWeddings hashtag.

People have posted their anger that fans are allowed in football stadiums, while there is still a 30-person cap on wedding guests.

Others have shared their anger that further postponement could mean they won’t get married for another year, as many venues are fully booked.

Couples are likely to find out the fate of their big day on June 14, when Boris Johnson is expected to lay out details of step four in the roadmap out of lockdown.