International Women's Day: We Asked Girls And Young Women What Feminism Means To Them

You're never too young to be a feminist.

Girls develop perceptions about gender and equality from a young age.

We may be more vocal about our drive for equal opportunities as we grow older, but that doesn’t mean young girls don’t have the same thoughts and feelings.

We asked 10 girls, who range in age from six to 25, to explain what feminism means to them – and the answers were inspiring.

If anything, it shows that you are never too young to call yourself a feminist.

Lola, 6, (left) and Holly, 12 (right).
Lola, 6, (left) and Holly, 12 (right).

Six-year-old Lola told HuffPost UK: “It means sharing, so if a lady has two and a man has four, we have to share it.

“So what we do is, we would have to take one from the man and give it to the lady, so they both have three.”

Holly, 12, told us that for her, feminism means women have the same rights as men.

“Feminism means for women and men to be equal, treated the same, and to be given the same things,” she said.

“I don’t understand why men shouldn’t be treated better or given more just because they are not a woman.”

Watch the full video above.

With thanks to: Emma Clarke and Ellie; Hattie Sleap (That Mum Blog) and Lola; Syreeta Johnson (founder of Indikidual) and Minnie; Tanees Abbas and Katherine Heidenreich from Rosa; Liddy from Girl Guiding; Clara Wilcox (The Balance Collective) and Grace; Sarah Robertson (Future MC) and Olivia; and Claire Murray and Lizzie and Holly.

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