27/04/2017 11:31 BST | Updated 27/04/2017 13:35 BST

What Is A Mugwump? Try Our Quiz To Find Out If You Are One

Apparently Jeremy Corbyn is a 'mutton-headed' variety.

The people of Britain collectively took to Google to find out what exactly a “mugwump” is after Boris Johnson broke his silence since the calling of the snap General Election.

Writing in The Sun, the Tory Foreign Secretary launched an extraordinary attack on Jeremy Corbyn.

He describes the Labour leader as a “benign herbivore” and a “mutton-headed mugwump” capable only of “meandering and nonsensical” speeches.

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Boris Johnson branded Jeremy Corbyn a 'mutton-headed mugwump'

He wrote: “The biggest risk with Jeremy Corbyn is that people just don’t get what a threat he really is.

“They look at him floundering away in the Commons and they say to themselves: Nah – that guy? PM? That’s never going to happen.”

While his words were obviously strong, perhaps what most people were left wondering what exactly a mugwump was.

There are a range of definitions but there seems to be an agreement that the root of the word is of Algonquian origin, from the world mugqoump, which means “great chief”.

We’ve looked into some of the definitions to help you discover if you too can qualify as a mugwump...