Which Newspapers Support Brexit In The EU Referendum?

Here's how the major papers feel about Leave or Remain.

The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail the are the latest newspapers to announce their stance on the EU Referendum and Brexit.

Our list below reveals the stance of major papers as the EU race enters its last days, with The Times, Guardian, Sun and Mail on Sunday among those that have also picked a side.

By The Huffington Post UK’s estimation, totalling up the print circulation of newspapers which have declared their positions shows papers supporting Leave have an audience of around 4.8 million, while those backing Remain reach just over 3 million.

<strong>Wednesday's Daily Mail front page.</strong>
Wednesday's Daily Mail front page.
Daily Mail

The University of Loughborough looked at the tone of coverage of the EU Referendum in the papers and claimed that, weighted by circulation, Leave has an 82% to 18% advantage over Remain.

Dominic Lawson, the former editor of the Sunday Telegraph, said yesterday that that the views expressed by papers were “important” in the vote’s outcome: “Remember this could be really close… very serious politicians have been ringing up editors and asking them to back their side."

The Sun (print circulation 1.7 million)
Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Sun, Britain's most-read print newspaper, came out for Brexit in mid June, arguing: "We must set ourselves free from dictatorial Brussels.Throughout our 43-year membership of the European Union it has proved increasingly greedy, wasteful, bullying and breathtakingly incompetent in a crisis."
The Daily Mail (print circulation 1.5 million)
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail backed Brexit on Wednesday, in opposition to its sister paper the Mail on Sunday. According to Loughborough University, the mid-market paper is one of the most partisan publications in favour of Brexit.
The Times (print circulation 438,000)
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
The Times backed a vote to remain in the EU just three days after its fellow Murdoch-owned paper The Sun revealed its support for a Brexit. Commenters pointed out this means Murdoch can call victory either way" as his papers have picked opposing sides.
The Daily Mirror (print circulation 778,000)
Andrew Matthews/PA Archive
Britain's left-wing tabloid officially declared its view on Wednesday - asking readers to vote Remain. "This paper certainly has its issues with the EU but after the most divisive, vile and political campaign in living memory, we say ... vote remain tomorrow," it said on its front page.
The Daily Telegraph (print circulation 490,000)
Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
The Daily Telegraph supports a vote to leave the EU, writing on Monday that "A world of opportunity is waiting for a fully independent Britain".
i (print circulation 284,000)
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
The i newspaper, sister to the now-defunct Independent print title, has also not officially declared. Overall, its coverage reflects support for a Remain vote, the report from Loughborough University found - though only moderately so.
The Guardian (print circulation 165,000)
BEN STANSALL via Getty Images
The Guardian announced its support for Remain on Monday, saying the country must "keep connected and inclusive, not angry and isolated".
The Financial Times (print circulation 198,000)
Financial Times
The FT made its view clear back on 15 June. It urged readers to vote remain, and also criticised the referendum campaigns of both sides, claiming: "David Cameron’s referendum gamble has proved to be a futile attempt to heal divisions in the ruling Conservative party. The campaign has split the country. Emotions have trumped facts. Born-again populists rail against the establishment."
Mail on Sunday (print circulation 1.3 million)
Mail on Sunday
In its final edition before the referendum, The Mail On Sunday came out in favour of Remain, warning it is “not the time to risk the peace and prosperity” of the UK. The news surprised many given the largely pro-Brexit coverage from its sister paper the Daily Mail.
The Sunday Times (print circulation 797,000)
Bloomberg via Getty Images
The Sunday Times has come out for Brexit, putting it at odds with its daily counterpart The Times, which has backed Remain.
The Sunday Telegraph (print circulation 370,000)
Sunday Telegraph
The Sunday Telegraph came out in favour of Brexit in an editorial on Sunday, joining its sister paper.
The Observer (print circulation 194,000)
The Guardian's sister Sunday paper said voters should not turn their backs on Europe, urging a Remain vote like its sibling. It said: "For an international, liberal and open Britain, we need to be part of the EU".
Daily Star (print circulation 425,000)
Though The Star hasn't expressed an editorial view directly, the Loughborough University study placed it as pro-Brexit based on an analyisis of its news coverage.

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