Woman's Iconic Reaction To Rishi Sunak's Campaign Pitch Caught On Camera

A Tory aide did not manage to conceal her from the TV's gaze quite fast enough...
Rishi Sunak left some people feeling distinctly unimpressed on Wednesday
Rishi Sunak left some people feeling distinctly unimpressed on Wednesday
BBC News

A woman standing behind Rishi Sunak during one of his campaign trail speeches grabbed the attention of many eagle-eyed viewers on Wednesday.

While the prime minister was trying to address employees at a defence vehicle manufacturer, Supacat, in Devon, a BBC News live stream suggests that not everyone was impressed by his spiel.

As the prime minister slammed Labour leader Keir Starmer for “not having a single new idea”, a woman to the left of Sunak, sighed deeply, looking uncomfortable as she glanced around the room.

She continually swayed as he lambasted his opponent, even pursing her lips and fidgeting repeatedly while Sunak gave his pitch.

But her greatest response came when the PM – the richest occupant of 10 Downing Street ever – said: “It’s been a difficult last few years. You know that, I know that.”

The woman scoffed at this, and soon started to frown while Sunak tried to discuss the way the government has supported people with sky-high energy bills.

Other clips making the rounds of social media reveal how her very telling body language even managed to draw the attention of a potential Tory aide lurking in the background.

He ended up standing in front of her, blocking the unhappy onlooker from the camera’s view. As if to counter her disgruntled behaviour, he started nodding enthusiastically in response to everything Sunak said.

The internet was suitably amused by this, dubbing it “silent comedy at its best”.

Sunak’s attempts to connect with grassroots has not gone well so far.

During his first campaign event, Byline Times revealed the first two questions he had taken during the Q&A with the general public were actually planted Tory councillors.


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